When treating for algae, why does the time of day matter?

The optimal time to treat for algae is morning on a clear sunny day. Algae are plants and sunlight accelerates their growth. Introducing algaecide during growing periods will expedite its consumption and accelerate its effectiveness. If black algae is present in your pool, brushing is recommended to dislodge dead cells and provide access to living algae.

What causes cloudy pool water?

Cloudy water can be caused by a number of factors including improper pH, a dirty filter, or an elevated calcium level. Once pool water has become clouded it may take days or even weeks to completely rectify the problem with repeated chemical treatments.

How fast does water evaporate from a pool?

Evaporation rates depend on a number of factors including the surface area of the pool, ambient temperature, exposure to direct sunlight and relative humidity.

Evaporation rates of between 2% to 5% per week are considered average.

Why isn’t my pool water crystal clear after the first opening cleaning?

When we open your pool for the season, tiny particles and small debris have gotten in the pool during the off season. So when we open the cover and clean the water not 100% of the tiny particles are removed. This is why we return for the second cleaning(part 2) and your pool is now ready for use.

Who do I talk to when I have a question on work being done?

You simply call the office and customer service will assist you?

What is the proper water level for my pool?

There are several ways to check. The water level should be half way up the tiles on the edge of the pool. Another way is the water level on the skimmer should be half way. If the levels are below this mark simply add water until the level is reached.