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Welcome to CPC Pools

Investing In Fun

With our help, your pool will be ready for that perfect sunny day!

At CPC Pools Inc. we know how much you value your pool. For many of us, our pools are oases of peace and relaxation – escapes from the daily grind. They provide refuge from the heat of summer, safe and healthy entertainment for our children and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you get the idea that we’re a little obsessed with pools, you’re right!

We’re also obsessed with providing our customers with the highest level of customer service possible. We use only the best quality chemicals and take the time necessary to clean and regulate the water in your pool to make sure it is sparkling clean and crystal clear.

Let CPC Pools Inc. do the work necessary to ensure sparkling clear water with the proper chemistry and the optimal working condition of all mechanical components. CPC is an energy conservation and ECO friendly company using the latest state of the art smart controls and pumping systems that use less energy while providing the highest quality water for your pool.

We specialize in the proper treatment of your pool through our high quality service and expertly trained technicians. And if you prefer to take care of your pool yourself, our retail store has all the tools that you will need to protect and treat your pool year round!

We offer service programs based on your unique needs including complete cleaning and chemical maintenance to chemical maintenance-only services. With CPC Pools Inc. you can rest assured that your pool is receiving the attention necessary to give you years of worry free enjoyment provided by dependable, ethical pool experts.